Another Derelict Building on St. 208

I have recently posted about the ignored film warehouse situated along St. 208. Not very far from that building on the very same street, anther building under the same Department of Cinema of Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts hopelessly stands still waiting for some more care and attention. The people selling food and drink right in front of the buildings could not identify the purposes or functions of this building when it was in its prime time. From the architectural style, I guess this building was erected during Sangkum Reasniyum period. The condition of the building is still relatively good and with good renovation, I am sure it would shine out like a star.

There are two old trucks and some unknown materials inside dozens of boxes on the ground floor. On the first floor there are a blackboard with some announcements still on it, a chair and at least one cabinet. The wooden staircase with metal structure in the middle of the building is not in a very good shape; but from explorer’s viewpoint it is still servable. Since I had an appointment with Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center to photograph its new Koh Pich City Hall, my friend and I decided not to explore the upper floor. We surely will find time for our next visit someday.

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