The Old Catholic Church of Bokor

Old Church

The old Catholic Church is or was one of the famous haunts for sightseers, especially for Barang visitors, among the ruins of the old French hill station of Bokor. The church was built in 1920s as a part of French township there. The structure surprisingly remains in a pretty good condition. The altar in the middle of the main hall in front of graffiti-covered wall is still in its former shape, but most parts of window’s stained glasses have been gone.

The church was used to accommodate workers of the Bokor Hill Highland Resorts when I was there on the last day of 2011, but now it was emptied as it used to be. I heard there is a plan for renovation turning this old church for Cambodian riches’ weeding hall, but not in the Christian way. Only time will tell us its future.

The main hall of the church occupied by construction worker as of 31 December 2011.

Inside the Old Church, Bokor Hill

The Old Church on Bokor Hill

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