100 Houses by Vann Molyvann

I was with my better half on motor along brumby dirty road paralleling railroad heading to Pochentong without any particular purpose in a Saturday’s evening. By chance I noticed the unique house roofs that told me they are of the 100 houses designed by Vann Molivann for National Bank staff in 1965, even though I have only seen them in photos.

The design of the roof inspired by military cap allows the air to circulate freely. The houses were also designed based on the concept of Khmer traditional houses, which are raised on columns. The 100 houses were built on 6.5 hectares of land and now privately owned.

I was surprised to see that many units are abandoned considering its location close to downtown and historical value. The following day, I asked my friends to explore the areas together. We checked the house No. 91 that were destroyed by fire a few weeks ago and abandoned house No. 18.

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