Kobe Stroll

Ikita Shrine's Main Building

It is not often that I go out for photowalk in Japan. In a Friday afternoon, after a brief meeting and lunch with some professors talking about a cross-countries report we are working on since last year, I decided to walk around before heading back home. At about 14:00, starting from Sannomiya where we splitted our ways , I passed Ikita shrine, Chinatown in Momotomachi, Kitano area and lastly Venus Bridge, the place I had longed to visit years ago.

Sannomiya's Shopping Street
Sannomiya Shopping Street, surely one of the places I frequent the most in Kobe.

Food Stand in Chinatown
Most of the food stands in Chinatown disappointedly offer some sort of similar menu

Kitano's うろこの家
Uroko no ie, a European house in Kitano, was once a residence of a Germain family. I might had been inside that house back in 2000 once, but can’t quite recall it.

DSC_0123 The night view from this spot must be nice, but I decided to return home before the sun fall down, as it was a bit cold and I did not bring my tripod along.

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  1. accidentally reached this blog few days ago. nice blog! and i really like your photos ^^

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