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I am a self-taught photography enthusiast. Photography for me is a passion not a profession, though I had received some freelance jobs and projects while I was in Cambodia.

Landscape, urbanscape, architecture and candid portraitures are the fields I am interested in the most. With my architect friend, I have explored and photographed many old buildings erected during colonial or Sangkum Reasniyum periods in Phnom Penh, the city I was born, raised and have lived, as well as other cities in Cambodia. Seeing a few mind-blowing photos of urban exploration, or shortly known as urbex, was all I needed to convince myself that it is a new field I wanted to explore. In 2011, I created a facebook page titled Urbex-Cambodia that I co-administrate with some like-minded photographers and friends.

I again returned back my second home, Japan, in late 2012 and now pursue my graduate study in economics of education in Kobe. Without clear reasons, I was sort of losing interests in photography a few months after I came here. I rebuilt this site hoping that it will keep me taking some photos while I am here, as I plan to spend at least a few more years here, on the land of the rising sun. I can be reached through the contact form below.

March 2015
Phal Chea

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