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Arashiyama’s Autumn

Yesterday I made my second, or perhaps third, visit to Arashiyama in Kyoto with some Cambodian and Chinese students from Kobe University. I have never been there during autumn before. The ancient Kyoto city is very famous for not only

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Kobe Port Tower

Kobe Port Tower, the first pipe-structured building in the world was constructed in 1963 with observation deck offering 360-degree view of Kobe city. This symbolic tower’s unique shape came from the image of Japanese hand drum. The red tower is

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An Expedition to Maya Kanko Hotel

I have done some online researches about urban exploration in Japan and knew about the existence of Maya Kanko Hotel, also shortly known as Mayakan, before I came here. But after a few days of my arrival in Kobe, I

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Night View From Kobe University

Kobe, wedged in between coasts and mountains, is one of the three cities in Japan with the most beautiful night sceneries. Well, even Tokyo is not in the list. The three cities are Nagasaki, Hakodate and Kobe. The night views

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A Weekend Solo Walk in Phnom Penh

Here are some photos from my solo walk a few weeks ago. I parked my vehicle at Phsa Thmei and started strolling around the area and then moved on to Phsa Kandal blocks that is packed with old Chinese shop-houses

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Vann Molyvann’s House

Like most architects, Vann Molyvann, wanted to design his own house. But he only managed to do so a decade after returning from his studies in France. The distinguishing feature of this unique design is the shell structure of the

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Sihanoukville Railways Station

I have a dream of visiting and photographing all existing main railway stations in Cambodia. It is not a very difficult task as long as I have time and some travelling money, since there are only two lines in Cambodia,

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100 Houses by Vann Molyvann

I was with my better half on motor along brumby dirty road paralleling railroad heading to Pochentong without any particular purpose in a Saturday’s evening. By chance I noticed the unique house roofs that told me they are of the

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A Revisit to Former Central Police Station

Google cannot produce much result about the background of the former central police station located at a corner near central post office and former Monalis Hotel. The building was probably built sometimes between 1890s and 1910s. It was abandoned for

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Saint Michel Church

In the sixties, several French Catholic priests designed churches in the style of New Khmer Architecture. Among them was Father Ahadobery, a Basque born in 1931. A French missionary, he was reputed for his artistic talents, which he used to

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