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Taking photos for Frangipani Villa Hotels was a main reason of my home returning last month. There are six hotels in Phnom Penh run by Frangipani Villa, but I need to work with the newly opened 2 hotels, the Royal

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A Weekend Solo Walk in Phnom Penh

Here are some photos from my solo walk a few weeks ago. I parked my vehicle at Phsa Thmei and started strolling around the area and then moved on to Phsa Kandal blocks that is packed with old Chinese shop-houses

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Vann Molyvann’s House

Like most architects, Vann Molyvann, wanted to design his own house. But he only managed to do so a decade after returning from his studies in France. The distinguishing feature of this unique design is the shell structure of the

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Sihanoukville Railways Station

I have a dream of visiting and photographing all existing main railway stations in Cambodia. It is not a very difficult task as long as I have time and some travelling money, since there are only two lines in Cambodia,

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100 Houses by Vann Molyvann

I was with my better half on motor along brumby dirty road paralleling railroad heading to Pochentong without any particular purpose in a Saturday’s evening. By chance I noticed the unique house roofs that told me they are of the

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A Revisit to Former Central Police Station

Google cannot produce much result about the background of the former central police station located at a corner near central post office and former Monalis Hotel. The building was probably built sometimes between 1890s and 1910s. It was abandoned for

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Saint Michel Church

In the sixties, several French Catholic priests designed churches in the style of New Khmer Architecture. Among them was Father Ahadobery, a Basque born in 1931. A French missionary, he was reputed for his artistic talents, which he used to

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It’s All Gone

It is all gone now. When I passed this building a few days ago, an excavator was in the center of the premise clearing debris of the building. During my last visits I noticed the building fell into deteriorated condition

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Pursat Railways Station

Located along National Road No. 5, Pursat Railways Station is not very hard to find. I had no idea how it looked since I had never seen any photo of the station. A few days ago, I have chance to

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Bokor Hall Building

When I first saw the renovated former Bokor Hall, I thought it was a newly constructed building. It was until I saw an old photo of this building that I realized that it was renovated recently. Even though the overall

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