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Arts of Graffiti

I read about graffiti by Julien Malland, aka Seth, on my favorite free paper, Asia Life at Anis Hotel’s lobby while I was waiting my photographer friend from Japan. Since there is nothing much to do in Phnom Penh and

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Cyclo in Phnom Penh

Cyclo is probably the iconic transport of Phnom Penh. Without the preservation, fierce competition from Motordup, or motor taxi, in the last decade might have extinguished the existence of this symbolic transportation from the capital. Cyclo tour, an ideal way

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Goodbye to the King

Thank to good connection of Cambodian Photography Club’s President with the Ministry of Information, club members were able to apply for Press Pass for the late king’s cremation ceremony. To apply, members just needed to send him a digital ID

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Prahok Making

I have been quite for some times. Well almost two months. I still take photos and photos though I rarely post here. In early January I went to Chrang Chamres with 3 other photographers to photograph life of people catch

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The Kindest Pagoda in the Kingdom

Wat Broyouvong was rated by the Phnom Penh Post as the kindest pagoda in the Kingdom, considering their generosity of letting people buildings houses right next to the Vihara, the pagoda’s main building.

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Fishing Shots

I took almost a hundred shots of men casting fishing net along Steung Sen River in less than 2 hour span. Yet I could not get a single shot I planned to have. I need to get very close to

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KNY at Wat Phnom

I visited Wat Phnom yesterday with expectation of some wild activities. But when I was there at around 3 pm, there was just a group of people playing some traditional games. 🙁 In recent years, I have been anywhere far

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Aerobic at Olympic Stadium

Yesterday’s evening I took a friend to Olympic Stadium as I though the aerobic dance might be somehow interesting for him and I have not visited there for quite a long time. The sky was boring gray, though I could

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March Bride?

I don’t know why I got so many wedding invitations this March. Well, I am very happy that one of my close buddies from junior high got his knot tied yesterday. All the best to the newlywed couple.

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Pchhum Ben Day 3 @ Wat Tuol Tompoung

Wat Toul Tompoung: Gentle rain came in the early morning of the third day of Pchhum Ben. This was my last thing I wished for yesterday. There was no seller at the main gate as it was when I visited

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