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Sihanoukville Railways Station

I have a dream of visiting and photographing all existing main railway stations in Cambodia. It is not a very difficult task as long as I have time and some travelling money, since there are only two lines in Cambodia,

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100 Houses by Vann Molyvann

I was with my better half on motor along brumby dirty road paralleling railroad heading to Pochentong without any particular purpose in a Saturday’s evening. By chance I noticed the unique house roofs that told me they are of the

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A Revisit to Former Central Police Station

Google cannot produce much result about the background of the former central police station located at a corner near central post office and former Monalis Hotel. The building was probably built sometimes between 1890s and 1910s. It was abandoned for

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Pursat Railways Station

Located along National Road No. 5, Pursat Railways Station is not very hard to find. I had no idea how it looked since I had never seen any photo of the station. A few days ago, I have chance to

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The Old Catholic Church of Bokor

The old Catholic Church is or was one of the famous haunts for sightseers, especially for Barang visitors, among the ruins of the old French hill station of Bokor. The church was built in 1920s as a part of French

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Another Derelict Building on St. 208

I have recently posted about the ignored film warehouse situated along St. 208. Not very far from that building on the very same street, anther building under the same Department of Cinema of Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts hopelessly

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Film Warehouse

I have noticed this building for quite sometimes when I sent my wife to work, since it is located just right in front of the school where my wife teaches her English classes. But I had failed to check it

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Urban Exploration in Kralanh

My work has brought me to Kampong Thom and Siem Reap countless of time in the last seven years. Yet, only during my recent trips that I noticed that there are quite a number of derelict buildings in Stung District

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Unknown Building Building. From its interior, I can tell this building was under renovation but for some unknown reason it was stopped. Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts

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Former Central Police Station

Former Police Station’s Interior in June 2011 Commissariat (Central Police Station), from circa 1910, commands a corner view by the Post Office. Shuttered for decades, it was featured in the Matt Dillon film City of Ghosts. One feature is the

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